Matthew Wicks & Associates is a full-service consulting firm focusing in the fast growing K-12 Online Learning field. It is our belief that while the traditional face-to-face approach of classroom instruction will continue to be an integral and important part of the educational system, online learning represents a transformational approach to providing individualized instruction, especially to those students that currently are not effectively being served. Matthew Wicks & Associates seeks to assist organizations that are interested in making the transformational potential of online learning a reality.

Matthew Wicks & Associates donates 5% of all revenue generated by consulting services to charity. Currently, these contributions are being made to the Congregational Church of Batavia.

Upcoming Events:

USDLA 2010 National Conference in St. Louis, MO – May 2-5, 2010

iNACOL 2010 Virtual School Symposium in Glendale, AZ – November 14-16, 2010

What others are saying about online learning:

“Online teaching and learning has the potential to transform education,” North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) vision statement.

“Online learning is a viable option that allows every learner to achieve a quality education,” from NACOL belief statements.

“Seventy-two percent of districts with students enrolled in distance education courses planned to expand their distance education courses in the future,” National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 2002-03 study.

“In the past five years there has been a significant growth in organized online instruction (e-learning) and virtual schools, making it possible for students at all levels to receive high quality supplemental or full course of instruction personalized to their needs,” Department of Education National Education Technology Plan.